Finally finished my first shrine!

I have always loved browsing others shrines, I'm not sure if I'm doing it right but I love the idea of dedicating an entire page to something you love!

What started of as a "How close can I get to making an operating system webpage?" went into a "aaaaaaaaa i love needy streamer" quite quickly!

I kinda went overboard and spent way too much time on this, but I really hope that it will get someone to give the game a chance.

Pro-tip: fullscreen on a desktop for the full experience!

There's still some things I'd like to include missing of course, but as I head into a busy period I thought I might as well get this out there for people to experience.

I tried my best to make the page a seamless for phones as well, and while it's mostly the case it seems I still have some bugs left, I'll take care of them in the future but the page is somewhat usable until then, right?

I hope you'll like the page as much as I've liked making it! And don't hesitate leaving a message in JINE.